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Download KeePassXC 2.6 For Mac

Download KeePassXC 2.6 For Mac
RequirementsMac OS X 10.6 or later
File Size32.21 MB
Latest VersionDownload KeePassXC 2.6 For Mac

Download KeePassXC 2.6 For Mac

Download KeePassXC 2.6 For MacKeePassXC for Mac can store your passwords safely and auto-type them into your day-to-day websites and applications. You shouldn’t squander your time trying to bear in mind and also type your passwords. The important things computer systems can do ideal is saving info! Download KeePass Cross-Platform Area Version now!


The total database is constantly encrypted with the industry-standard AES (alias Rijndael) file encryption formula utilizing a 256-bit secret. KeePassXC for macOS utilizes a data source layout that is compatible with KeePass Password Safe. Your wallet works offline and also requires no Web connection.


KeePassXC for Desktop is an area fork of KeePassX, the cross-platform port of KeePass for macOS. Every attribute functions cross-platform and also was thoroughly evaluated on numerous systems to offer individuals with the exact same look and feel on every supported os. This consists of the precious Auto-Type attribute.

Download KeePassXC 2.6 For Mac

Attributes and also Emphasizes

  • Safe and secure storage of passwords and various other exclusive data with AES, Twofish, or ChaCha20 security
  • Cross-platform operate on Linux, Windows, and macOS without adjustments
  • Submit layout compatibility with KeePass2, KeePassX, MacPass, KeeWeb, and several others (KDBX 3.1 as well as 4.0).
  • SSH Agent integration.
  • Auto-Type on all supported systems for immediately completing login forms.
  • Secret documents as well as YubiKey challenge-response support for extra security.
  • TOTP generation (consisting of Vapor Guard).
  • CSV import from various other password managers (e.g., LastPass).
  • Command-line interface.
  • Stand-alone password and also passphrase generator.
  • Password strength meter.
  • Customized symbols for data source access as well as download of website favicons.
  • Data source merge functionality.
  • Automatic reload when the database was altered externally.
  • Browser assimilation with KeePassXC-Browser for Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, and also Mozilla Firefox.
  • ( Legacy) KeePassHTTP assistance for use with KeePassHTTP-Connector offered for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and passafari for Safari.